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Wholesale Silicone Lids and Sleeves

I am a wholesaler for travel mug silicone lids and sleeves (and NOW the NEW Soap pumps too!!) for potters like me who make the travel mug. These Silicone Travel Mug Lids and Sleeves are all 100% Food Grade Silicone, No BPA and are FDA Approved. They are Dishwasher Safe and Microwave Safe. As a potter myself I know how hard it is to find a silicone lid with all the benefits, so I have these lids manufactured to my specifications and because of this I am proud to sell them to other potters. They are safe and very affective when fitted properly. Please know that these lids are best fitted when the mug is made to fit the lid, with this you will have great success in your seal. I have 2 styles, First is the formal and they come in one size, 88mm. The other style is the New leaf  seal style it features removable anti-spill leaf. This style comes in 2 sizes 82mm in Black and 76mm in Grey. There are price breaks for higher quantities listed below. 

Happy Potting

-Rona T. Roy

Now with Free Shippingin the continental US

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Check out our NEW Soap Pumps!!
All pumps are the high quality you expect from us, full 304 STAINLESS STEEL. Foam and Regular are available. 

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