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Each and every piece of Twiddle T's Pottery is made from a high fire stoneware. I fire all my pieces to complete vitrification. Good old Google says 'Vitrification is the transformation of a substance into a glass, that is to say a non-crystalline amorphous solid. In the production of ceramics, vitrification is responsible for its impermeability to water.' My absorption rate is in the 1-2% range. In doing this I can say that my pieces are Microwave safe. They can not absorb water or minimally do so, and therefore no water in the clay body means no boiling water within the piece which means your piece is safe in the microwave. This does not mean it will not be hot to the touch, it can be and I always recommend you use safely remove it from the microwave. Vitrification does not however mean condensation. Your pieces will sweat if the climate is in the right conditions. This is not pottery affiliated, this is life :) Condensation happens, I can not change that.

In my studio all of my glazes are made by me. They are not pre bought high volume manufactured glazes. Which gives my pottery a unique look that you do not see everywhere. Many of you comment on my unique colors and this is why. In the pottery community there are many ways to formulate a glaze and many resources to do it right. Often times its taking a tried and true glaze from other potters that offer their recipes and making it my own. Coming from a chef background this comes easy to me. Altho as a chef I never did play with glass powder and there is no flour in pottery. In making my own glazes I know each and every ingredient that goes into them. Most important -No Lead! The glazes I choose all go thru a line of tests. From leaching chemicals,  to acid wear, and even to dishwasher for multiple round. All are tested and all have come out with flying colors or I do not use them.  If you ever experience a problem I would like to be the first to know. And I will make it right!

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