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Raw Clay


Since starting my  new endeavors, I have come to learn about adaptability. Twiddle T's Pottery started as nothing but as my life changed so hasn't my whole world, and with that has come Twiddle T's Pottery. First starting my career as a chef then as a wife and then a mom I have come to see that adapting to all those life changes has made me the person I am today. Without those changes Twiddle T's would not exist. Without those changes so many things just would not be. I have slowly built my enterprise. I have proceeded with caution, I have also  put the work work in to making it mine. I try hard to capture and intrigue the art community with my work. I find myself always keeping an eye out for new inspiration and always keeping it true to me, my style, my vision. So many parts of my own life goes in to each and every piece, my own life experiences, which has made me the artist I am today. My hope is simple, touch each piece, and let it touch you. Find that piece that opens your heart and makes you see far far into the future. With the right care a piece can last a lifetime, and be a cherished piece to pass down, 

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