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first ...My Thank You

Thank You for your supporting my 

small business!

A little note:

All of Twiddle T’s Pottery is FoodSafe. It is also safe for use in the Microwave, Dishwasher as well as Oven. Having said that it should always be treated with care. Pottery can break no matter how well it is built. Use caution when stacking in sink and dishwasher.  Even though it is safe in the microwave it will get hot just like anything else, please use caution. Never go from extreme temperatures such as fridge to oven, or filling cold pottery  with boiling liquids, this will likely cause cracking. 

Do Not put pottery in PreHeated Oven. Each piece is handmade by me, ENJOY your pottery and use it often, it will last a lifetime when cared for properly.

                                             -Rona T. Roy

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Twiddle T’s 
Apple Baking Pan
Also used for Pears, Pineapples  Ect
Simply place cored, peeled or unpeeled apple over spike in center of pan.
Toss in a few pieces of butter about 1 Tbls. 
Add 2-4 Tbls water.
Top apple with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and flour or prepaid pie crust.
Things like nutmeg, raisins, nuts or any other favorites are all very much welcomed in the pot.
Even your favorite apple crisp oat topping!
The sky is the limit with this one!
Bake at 350 degrees for about 20-40 minutes or until apple is fork tender.
Can also be microwave for 3-5 minutes on high.
ENJOY right out of the pan!


Twiddle T’s  WATER FOUNTAIN can be used for cat water, hydrating a room or for use with essential oils for aroma therapy purposes. Each piece is handmade by me. Imperfections are normal and add to the character of 
each piece.
Your water fountain comes in 3 pieces; the bowl, the dome and the pump. The dome and bowl are both dishwasher safe, makes for easy cleaning. The pump is easy to clean just under running water. 
Before beginning to use your fountain please take the pump and cut the tubing that I have provided. Make sure it is long enough to come thru the hole in the dome but not so long that water will flow out of the bowl. The length is entirely your preference. Each pump also comes with an adjustable dial on it. This dial is used to determine the flow of the water. 
When you have determined how you like your pump set fill the bowl with water. You want to always have water covering the pump and Always turn the pump on with water in the bowl. Running the pump dry will cause damage to the pump. 
It’ll take a couple of adjustments to make the flow just how you (or your cat)  like it. 
*When using for aroma therapy only use a couple of drops of oils. 
Pumps will wear out after a long time, they are made to run 24/7. Replacements are always available.
With proper care you should have a piece that will last a lifetime. Enjoy! 
-Thank you for your purchase


Twiddle T’s Dip Crock
Used to keep cold dips cold and 
even warm dips warm. 
Also used for cold salads and other like items
Cold: Place a couple pieces of ice in bottom crock add a tbls of salt (optional) add water
Warm: Use hot water in bottom crock, always be sure not to shock your pottery, never go from extreme temperatures.
Place your dip or salad in top crock
**Please enjoy your crock as two separate pieces when not using as a set! They are great together but have great options when separate


Twiddle T’s Garlic Grater

Also used for ginger, nutmeg ect. 

Simply grate peeled garlic along center

 Add olive oil, herbs, balsamic and dip your favorite fresh loaf of bread 


Grate your garlic for a fresh batch of salad dressing, marinade or just to use for cooking.


Grate your garlic and place some butter in the bowl then microwave to use melted garlic butter for your lobster or other seafood dipping.

Many Many options…...ENJOY!

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