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Price starts at as a Set of 5. You choose quantity and the price will chagres to reflect your choice.

These are all High quality 304 Stainless Steel Lotion/Soap Pumps kits.

Comes included with 5" tube and threaded ring for easy glue down application for those potters not pre-threaded the pot. High quality steeal your sure to love! Easy self-self clean filters inside pump for easy cleaning when needed. Foam pumps are larger and show nice! Customers can use specialty readily available foam refill soaps or make there own using their favorite soap watered down. Also, foam pumps are great for hand sanitizer! Stylish pumps with a look good feel good presentation. These will be sure to please.

Both come in one finish: Satin Chrome

Regular pumps are 28mm vessel opening and 1cc

Foam pumps are 45mm opening and also 1cc

Kits come completely ready for vessel

Soap Pumps Kits

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