Butter Bells are a French way of holding butter on the counter. You fill the bell with the soft butter and put a bit of water in the canister. When the butter is turned upside down into the canister of water it preserves the butter while being left out of the refrigerator.

Please note : some of the bigger bells can hold up to 2 sticks of butter.


*All of Twiddle T's ware's are Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe and Oven safe. Please be sure to ask for additional info like size or more pics for better color idea as all sales are final. We don't want any surprises when you get the item. Each piece is hand made by me and will have its own uniqueness including variations in color or shape. Each piece is carefully inspected and any variations are coinscidered fit for use. Please embrace the uniqueness and character of each piecse. Like always they are all one of a kind so duplicates are not available.

Butter Bell



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